Retro Clothed Action Figures - Trick 'r Treat - 8" Sam


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Retro Clothed Action Figures - Trick 'r Treat - 8" Sam

โมเดล Trick or treat ของแท้จากค่าย NECA (Lot USA.)
โมเดลสายสยองขวัญจากภาพยนต์เรื่อง Trick R Treat
รุ่น Retro Clothed

Don't answer the door! proudly presents the return of Sam, the mysterious trick-or-treater from 2007's cult classic film, Trick 'R Treat! In scale with NECA's other 8-inch clothed figures, Sam stands at approximately 5-inches tall and is dressed in his footie pajamas featuring a removable burlap sack that reveals his unmasked head with jaw articulation. Ready for Halloween night, Sam also includes a Trick or Treat bag and lollipop. Comes in clamshell packaging featuring custom art made just for this release.

ขนาด: 5-6 นิ้ว
วัสดุ: PVC,ผ้า
น้ำหนัก: 0.7 KG.
บรรจุ: กล่อง




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