Alien: Resurrection Newborn Deluxe Action Figure


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Action Figure เอเลี่ยน ของแท้จากค่าย NECA
ปรากฏตัวในภาพยนตร์ Alien 4
ความสูง 11 นิ้ว ( 28cm.)
จุดขยับมากกว่า 30 จุด


As seen in the movie Alien: Resurrection, set two hundred years after Alien 3. Military scientists are attempting to clone Ripley in order to extract the Queen embryo that was in her body when she died... And on the eighth attempt, they succeed.

Contaminated with Ripley's DNA, the Queen gives birth to a grotesque human/alien hybrid called the "Newborn." The Newborn action figure stands approximately 11 inches tall and includes a display stand.

The Newborn features a screen-accurate sculpt and almost 30 points of articulation. This deluxe figure comes in display-friendly window box packaging with opening flap.

Product Features
11 inches (28cm)
7-inch scale
Features almost 30 points of articulation
Includes display stand
Comes in display-friendly window box packaging with an opening flap




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